Healthy Boost

Urban Labs for Better Health for All in the Baltic Sea Region – Boosting cross-sectoral cooperation for health and well-being in the cities

Healthy Boost is a project about cross-sectoral cooperation within cities and between city administrations, city residents and SMEs and other relevant stakeholders. The project is funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region. Together with 14 partners from seven different countries, it seeks methods and tools to do cross-sectoral cooperation better for more holistic approach to health promotion.

Here you can find information regarding the project news, materials and partners.

Healthy Boost news

Information board with embossed text and images depicting different exercises

Inclusive sport ground information board in Tartu

Wed, 05/12/2021 - 09:13

Tartu is developing an inclusive sport ground information board together with physiotherapists, designers and experts representing people who use wheelchairs or are visually impaired or blind.

The information board is meant for everyone no matter the age or physical ability. Thus it should invite to train those people who are not that familiar with training or are just starting to be more active.

Walk and Talk – Ideas for outdoor meetings

Wed, 05/12/2021 - 08:52

Tartu has established a Facebook page "Kõnni ja Kõnele" (Walk and talk) where people can share their experiences of outdoor meetings.

Actually, not only about outdoor meetings, but all good ideas how to make a working day more active, what is happening in the city that could be useful for physical activity or mental wellbeing, challenges that make people want to be more active, TedX talks or books to read etc.

Empty meeting room.

Meeting with Northern Dimension Partnership of Public Health and Social Well-being

Mon, 03/01/2021 - 14:28

On 3rd February 2021 the Healthy Boost project had an online meeting with the representatives of Northern Dimension Partnership of Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) and its Non Communicable Diseases Expert Group. NDPHS is a cooperative effort of ten governments, the European Commission and eight international organisations.

Healthy Boost in Klaipeda

Fri, 12/18/2020 - 09:25

Klaipeda's Healthy Boost pilot is the development of sustainable mobility activities in Klaipeda city. The most recent actions include co-design workshops for developing the VR tool with the VR developers from Iron Cat company and participating the European Mobility Week.

Two photographs from the co-designing workshops: