Outdoor gyms invite you to exercise through a new app in Tartu

The smartphone app shows outdoor gym locations and their exercise equipment in Tartu and also offers video tips on how to exercise using the most popular equipment.

This new smartphone app has been developed as part of the Healthy Boost cooperation project, one of whose aims is to apply virtual reality and augmented reality for the promotion of healthy activities. The app uses augmented reality to offer a truly fresh user experience.

How to use the app?

Install the Zappar app on your smartphone and point the built-in camera at a sticker (see below) or a flyer with a barcode to activate the app: An interactive view of the city of Tartu will appear on the screen.

Explore the app – and the city. The app will offer the optimal route to your chosen location and provide a 360-degree view of the outdoor gym equipment. Click on the person icon at the bottom of the app screen and an outdoor gym image will appear with arrows pointing to each piece of exercise equipment. These are links to video clips with exercise demonstrations by residents of Tartu who volunteered to support the city’s Healthy Boost initiative. The exercise clips in the app are not only meant for experienced athletes: Here, persons of all ages and fitness levels will find plenty of useful tips to stay in shape.

You can find codes to activate the app on the website of the city of Tartu, at bus stops, on outdoor gym information panels and on exercise equipment.

The Zappar app is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. If you are using a recent Huawei smartphone, you can find and download the Zappar app file with the .apk extension and install it manually.

Video Clip from FlyAR introducing the app:

This app has been developed as part of the Healthy Boost project in cooperation with Finnish company FlyAR Oy.