Project meeting – activities, peer-review report and policy recommendations

Last week the Healthy Boost project team had a meeting to share and discuss the recent project activies and to develop the project outputs. Originally, the meeting was supposed to be held in Russia, but due to corona pandemic the team came together via Zoom.

Russian Healthy Cities association's activities

The meeting started with the Russian Healthy Cities association's presentation about their project activies. 

One of the activity slides: 2 focus groups, 5 co-creation workshops, over 40 participants.


Three members from Russian Healthy Cities association presenting in Zoom.

Russian Healthy Cities association presenting the 0-5-30 city project.

Peer-review results of the Model for Cross-sectoral Cooperation

The next part of the meeting was dedicated to Västerbotten's peer-review results of the Model for Cross-sectoral Cooperation. Marcel Ballin from Västerbotten presented the results and analysis of the peer-review. The results of the peer-review were promising, and also included some concrete and easy to adopt improvement suggestions.

Case scenario workshop

After peer-review results it was time for Rīga Stradiņš University's workshop that aimed to develop case descriptions that will be used to demonstrate the use of the Model for Cross-sectoral Cooperation. The project team was devided into groups and each group looked into three case scenarios, evaluated them and came up with improvements.

Group of four persons in a Zoom meeting.

Group number two is analyzing the case scenarios.

Rīga Stradiņš University will use these evaluations and improvement suggestions to further develope the case scenarios.

Policy recommendation workshop

In the afternoon it was time to refine the Healthy Boost Project's policy recommendations that are currently being developed. This session also was carried out in smaller groups, each of which thought about improvements to the current version of the recommendations.

Healthy Boost project team members in Zoom meeting.