“Chronicles C-19”: the new AR space to share experience from pandemic

The City of Poznan developed a new mobile application, which was created to give citizens a space to share their stories related to COVID-19 pandemic experience. The whole pilot of Poznan was dedicated to assess the changing situation, help health professionals on the first front in the fight with the disease and evaluate the cross-sectoral cooperation during lock-down.

The idea standing behind the new application was to make a safe space (application is free and there is no need to log in to it) where people can anonymously share their experience in a voice records form. Those records, after verification,  are added by the administrator to the base and float in the air with the help of augmented reality technology available to listen to by the others. This form of sharing is for many people easier and, as the users who delivered the first part of records stated, it had a therapeutic effect.

The voice records are supposed to show what type of impact has the pandemic on everyday life of Poznań citizens. Application has 5 categories/questions guiding users to the topics they can respond to:

  1. What would you like to tell  about the pandemic to people who will live in the future without experience of it?
  2. What changed in you during the pandemic?
  3. What kind of obvious and less noticeable earlier things became important during the pandemic?
  4. What words would you like to deliver to health professionals working to save humans health during COVID-19 pandemic
  5. Why is it worth it to engage in helping others, especially during the pandemic?

Selected content of application is available for deaf people in the form of subtitles. Navigation is also adapted to the standard of screen readers for the blind. Application is brought to you by Setapp.

We are inviting you to walk into a new dimension with a little help from your phone, hear stories, feel closer to people, who were isolated from you - those stories can give you a feel of connection, community and may inspire you to share your own history.