Inclusive sport ground information board in Tartu

Tartu is developing an inclusive sport ground information board together with physiotherapists, designers and experts representing people who use wheelchairs or are visually impaired or blind.

The information board is meant for everyone no matter the age or physical ability. Thus it should invite to train those people who are not that familiar with training or are just starting to be more active.

There are exercises which are very easy to do and they grow into very difficult exercises. There are coordination and balance exercises which are especially important for elderly and fun for children.

There are simple explanations how to start to train at all and what to choose if you are out of time (even 3 exercises are better than nothing and you can fit it into 5 minutes without any big effort). By now we´ve made a procurement where our designers have been chosen who will complete the task. We´ve had meetings with experts and a prototype of tactile board has been tested by blind and visually impaired people.

The process is ongoing and it is such a pleasure to work with different target groups. By now we are awaiting citizens to take part of larger testing of the information board - if it is accessible, understandable, if the exercises are doable. It will be nice a process of working together with citizens and experts in their own field.

Information board with embossed text and images depicting different exercises