Klaipėda City Public Health Bureau has opened the VR room

Klaipėda City Public Health Bureau as a partner of the Healthy Boost project, implemented pilot project aiming to broaden the sustainable mobility activities. One of the objectives was to demonstrate cycling routs of Klaipėda city using virtual reality (VR) tools.

In spring (2020) public health specialists initiated the cooperation with the VR developing company Iron Cat to design the VR tool. A few co-creation workshops were held in order to discuss the VR system, design solutions and test the demo version. The VR system was installed in March, but during the quarantine it was not possible to open the VR room until middle of July.

A child and an adult riding indoor bicycles wearing virtual reality glasses.

So, what is this VR system about? It is composed from 2 indoor bike trainers, 2 VR head-sets, 2 ventilators and filmed cycling routes. A participant can have a relaxing VR experience while cycling through different routes of Klaipėda city or compete with another participant. The participant can monitor this pulse, CO2 footprint, speed and distance. Other participants are able to observe filmed routes or competition in the TV set. This VR experience can be adapted to kids and adults.

Two children riding indoor bicycles wearing virtual reality glasses.

12th of July the VR room has officially been opened and it is available for Klaipėda city inhabitants.