Videos and online articles cheered up during the Covid-19 epidemic in Turku

The Valoa Turkuun (Light to Turku) series told hopeful stories that looked for an optimistic future during an exceptional time at the Covid-19 epidemic. The series consisted of ten videos and online articles with photographs.

The topics dealt with well-being and cross-sectoral cooperation from many perspectives. The series introduces, among other things, the elderly's exercises done in balconies to keep social distance, student choir activities, additional support received in schools, educational opportunities for those who have become unemployed due to covid-19, and children's summer activities. The idea was not only to cheer up but describe different opportunities to foster well-being during the epidemic. 

The series was published on social media channels and the website of the City of Turku between June and October 2020 and attracted a large number of viewers. On Facebook alone, the posts reached 13,000 - 51,000 views per post.

Valoa Turkuun series on (only in Finnish).

Photo: Heidi Pelander

People exercising outdoors