Workshop in Pskov

On 20 May 2021, the city of Pskov hosted a workshop (business game Game of Goals: Ekecheiria – a model for cross-sectoral cooperation) within the project "Healthy Boost - Urban Labs for Better Health for All in the Baltic Sea Region – boosting cross-sectoral cooperation for health and wellbeing in the cities" of the Interreg. Baltic Sea Region. The event was organised by: Pskov City Administration, Association "Healthy Cities, Districts and Villages".

Participants of the works shop, 17 people.

More than 20 participants took part in the event:

  • representatives of the Committee for Cross-Border Cooperation and Tourism of the Pskov City Administration,
  • the Committee for Physical Culture,
  • Sport and Youth Affairs of the Pskov City Administration,
  • the Department of Education of the Pskov City Administration,
  • the Pskov State University College,
  • Municipal Budget Institution "Pskov City Youth Centre",
  • Pskov Secondary General Education School №47,
  • Pskov Valeriy and Anatoliy Molotkov Secondary General Education School №17,
  • Pskov Lyceum "Razvitiye",
  • Municipal Autonomous Institution "Pskov Tourism and Creative Industries Centre",
  • Pskov Lyceum of Economics and Entrepreneurship №10,
  • Union of Property Owners in the Pskov Oblast,
  • ANO for comprehensive youth development "Power of Youth",  as well as
  • representatives of the public and business.

The participants were divided into 3 cross-sectoral teams whose task was to develop a project for an additional purpose for the stadium.

The teams presented projects:

  • Trail to Scandinavia (Green Light team);
  • Stadinarium (Dream team);
  • Family Trainer (team 3).
Team of five people around a table.

The vote was won by the Family Trainer project, which involves installing cycle carousels, step lifts, benches with charging device, drinking water and wet wipes vending machines in the city, which will improve health and quality of life for all Pskov residents.