Tartu tested a new concept of universal sportsground information board

Tartu started developing accessible sportsground information board on autumn 2020. New concept of information board allows citizens with or without any sports awareness learn how to work out independently on training spot. Sports information boards will be freely accessible to everyone, as the boards will be established at public outdoor gyms.

According to Mihkel Lees, Deputy Mayor of Tartu City, the development of an accessible city requires thinking about people with different needs. "Presenting training information in our outdoor gyms is currently quite chaotic and takes into account the needs of an experienced trainer. It is important that people with special needs and no previous experience also receive the necessary information, "he said. New sports information board teaches also how to exercise in wheelchair with upper body function and is fully tactile.

At the summer 2021 the citizens of Tartu were involved to assess the comprehensibility of the displayed exercises and information to test the concept. Volunteers took part of all ages and physical abilities. The test group included 5 women, 3 men, 1 not specified at the age of 16-62. Every participant had to try out concept and explain with their own words how they use information to tailor work out plan for their own. Also, they had to assess the visual features of human figures explaining exercises. As a result, there were made changes and improvements in projection style, information grouping, icons and guidelines. All the participants found the information board useful for beginners. The concept was also tested on pupils with profound visual impairment. Testing was organized by teacher of physical education in a school for blinds. There were used 3D printed sample of information board fragments for tactile testing. Samples will be used in schools as teaching tool for physical literacy.

New concept of information board requires physical accessibility which has to be planned in cooperation of City planning. Concept of information board was developed in cooperation of Association of the Visually Impaired, teacher of physical education in a school for blinds, experienced advisor and counsellor for students with special needs (represents physically impaired people), physiotherapist from the hospital system, physiotherapist from NGO and service/ product designer.